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Software Development: Linux (kernel) development, middleware and networking, Android, embedded systems
Artistic Light Design for events: draught, elaboration, planning, controller programming, live operator

Fast Buildup

On 28.9.2019 the lighting system had its premiere in a church in Harsum. Here, for the first time, it was necessary to set up and dismantle a long traverse (UP + FLOOR variant 1b).

In the following timelapse video (without sound) you can see how everything happened. Unfortunately, the liftup phase is missing because the camera phone stopped filming. But when dismantling you can see how the principle works:

The following graphics show how it was originally planned: 

Here is a schematic example of how the "UP + FLOOR: Variant 2b" is constructed.

It begins with the delivery on trolleys with wheels, then everything is put together lying on the trolleys and the cables are connected. As a final step, the two ends of the structure are lifted onto the lifts and finally raised:


The trolleys are a simple wooden construction on which at least one assembled module is transported horizontally:

The towers are much easier and faster to build. Unfortunately, we did not take pictures of this process. Simply: two modules are assembled lying on the trolleys together, the base plate is attached to the lower module. The trolley on the lower module is fastened with a tension belt and everything is tilted over the rollers of the trolley and then the edge of the bottom plate upwards. The dismantling runs vice versa


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