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Software Development: Linux (kernel) development, middleware and networking, Android, embedded systems
Artistic Light Design for events: draught, elaboration, planning, controller programming, live operator

The Desk

A modern lighting system with sophisticated lamp systems does not use anything without a console programming that uses the skills of the lamps cleverly to create as many interesting and rousing light images as possible. It is not enough to run off a few colors and automatically generated shapes, as it requires more love in detail.

Our console programming should be able to professionally support a variety of situations on stage. Everything has to be easy to use and the programming has to take care of routine work for the lighting designer. Our console programming is constantly being improved. After each use of the lighting system, bugs are fixed or new functions added.

Version 1 of the Onyx software will include the following features:

  • The lamps can all be controlled differently together or according to the stage region and / or lamp type. This affects all parameters separately: color, beam direction, position animation, gobo, effects.
  • There are faders with which you can limit the brightness of each region separately
  • Additional faders allow the mixing of color components. This allows any color to be presented on stage.
  • Other faders can be used to control the strobe or twinkle speeds live.
  • The movement speeds and the movement lengths can also be controlled by faders.
  • The spots can be used as washers and the washers as spots
  • There are special buttons to remove selected lamps from the network and use them as spots for musicians. This can be selected during operation and deselected again.
  • Other buttons solve lamps from the composite to use them as a peak light on the stage can.
  • There is a reset button that cancels all previously activated functions and resets the software to an initial state (well usable at the end of a song)
  • There is pause light for announcements
  • The software offers animations for the light intensities, colors and movements.
  • Many of the functions mentioned here can be combined with each other. This always results in new light images, if one uses the functions cleverly.
  • Since the lighting system can be set up in very different configurations, individual functions can be omitted. For example, there is no musician spot if there is not a single module in the front of the stage

We use Onyx as PC software.

The mixer case contains the Dell XPS13 2in1 PC and the Martin M-Play SideWing. And of course all the extra stuff a light operator needs:

For all interested lighting designers of a location or a band, here are some pictures of the lighting console software:


Color Settings:

pult color control

Color animations:

Additional movements and switches:

Color addition Fader:

Position Selection:

Movement pattern selection:

pult movement control



Motion parameter Fader:


Additional effects and effects controls:

Special programs for lateral modules:

Selection of follower spots for 6 stage positions (positions are adjusted on site):

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