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Software Development: Linux (kernel) development, middleware and networking, Android, embedded systems
Artistic Light Design for events: draught, elaboration, planning, controller programming, live operator


Here's how high my investment in this project is.

The project is scheduled to run for one year. I assume that the system will be used 12 times. The number of bets can also increase.

On the basis of these boundary conditions, I invest the following amounts in the music scene of Hannover: 

Anzahl Punkt  Betrag EUR
6 Assembled modules (including cables and trolleys) 18.500
6 empty trusses (including cable) 6.600
1 Statics for the trusses 1.100
1 Controller (PC, Faderwing, Case) 2.100
1 cabling system


1 Service Technician for one year 6.600
1 miscellaneous 1.000
1 working time 3.000
  Project sum 40.000
  minus the anonymous donation -6.000
  Investment 34.000

If I assume that the system reaches about 4,500 guests in their missions, that is 7.55 EUR per guest.

Ich unterstütze:


Don Bosco

Kinderhospitz Bärenherz

Kinderhospitz Bärenherz Leipzig e.V.


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